Adopt an Antiguan Donkey

Why adopt an Antiguan donkey?

By adopting one of our Sanctuary donkeys you can greatly assist us in continuing to provide them a safe haven in which to live out their lives. Your adoption donation of US $25.00 will help us worm them and provide them with regular feed and any farrier or veterinary attention they might need.

Donkeys Available for Adoption



CHARLEY – we don’t really know Charley’s story. He just decided to move in with us one day a few years ago. As often happens, he was waiting at the gate to get into the sanctuary when we arrived in the morning. He’s a very sweet fellow and we are happy to have him. He likes lots of affection and sometimes jostles Raven for attention.

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CHRISSY- came in at about age 4 months. She had been hit by a car and had a severely injured front leg and shoulder. We expected her to be lame but she isn’t. You’d never know she had a problem. Also a bit pushy because of the extra attention she received.

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PUMPKIN- very sweet little guy. He was born here but his mother was stolen when he was very young, before we had our new fencing. She eventually found her way back to the sanctuary with a new foal in tow and pays no attention to Pumpkin. But that is quite all right. In her absence he was “adopted” by our oldest donkey called “the old man” and the two are inseparable.

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RAVEN –  was born at the sanctuary. He is probably our most handsome donkey. When born he was jet black with tiny silver tips on his hair. He likes lots of affection and attention.

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STEVIE – definitely one of our sweetest donkeys. Stevie was hit by a car in town (we don’t know what he was doing there) and his head injuries left him totally blind. We call him when it’s feeding time; he brays an answer and then heads toward us. Bumps into things occasionally but he manages amazingly well.

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USHI – when Ushi first came to us he was a three-month-old skeleton and filled with parasites. It took quite a while to bring him around but he is now perfectly fine. We used to spoil him and let him come into the shelter to eat his dinner away from the others. Occasionally we still catch him walking into the shelter when we aren’t looking.

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DEE, Jan 2012


DEE was actually brought into the Donkey Sanctuary by Dog Control Officers who witnessed children abusing her. Parents were notified, children admonished, and Dee brought to safety. She has settled in well and seems to enjoy being with the other donkeys.


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