Barbuda Update

August 10 2018

Finally, the water troughs arrived in Barbuda...what a journey!

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the following organizations and persons for assisting with this initiative:

  • World Animal Protection which donated all the troughs - 12 for individual livestock farmers and 10 to be placed outside Codrington in an effort to encourage donkeys and horses away from the village.
  • Rob Barrett for shipping the troughs from Florida to Barbuda on his container.
  • The Barbuda Council for helping the Humane Society to distribute the troughs on Barbuda

These troughs are a tremendous help! The roaming cows, horses, and donkeys have grown accustomed to wandering into the village in their quest for water. They would then knock over the water drums of the residents and cause other damages. The troughs will encourage the livestock to stay on the outskirts, and, of course, they will also provide much needed hydration for the livestock.

This is a prime example that with efficient, effective teamwork, so much can be accomplished, not only for the betterment of Barbuda, but collectively for our twin island nation.

Stay tuned for more updates on Barbuda!